mini-laptop-accessories.com is a very good web for ordering the laptop accessories.three months ago,i bought an an ac adapter from it,after the adapter worked for two months,the cable was burnt by a sudden mistakely use .then i tried to contact mini-laptop-accessories.com,they said they would send ma a cable soon, i am so pleased that after 10 days, i got the cable smoothly,then i can use my laptop normally.Thanks very much for mini-laptop-accessories.com helping me. I strongly recommend this web.if i have any other problem about the laptop accessories,i will come to you again .

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What a pathetic attempt to sound like a satisfied customer. Are you the owner or just one of his family? Or are you just completely ***? Why would you buy a part from these people at Western prices when you live near where they are made and could buy it for peanuts? IQ of a frog.

I notice you have posted quite a few daft reviews pretending to be a satisfied customer based in Guangdong. Same location, same useless pidgin English.

I hope somebody scams you big time.


If you think they have best service, You my Friend, my just be lucky in life. The cust.

svc. dept is trained to mislead, buy time and lie, lie, lie!!! I will go to the end of time letting as many people as possible know that this company is one big scam!! How come their is no address or telephone number on the website?

I have NEVER seen so many complaints about one company on the Internet!!

SHAME ON YOU PAYPAL, you are just as shameless as MINILAPTOPACCESSORIES.COM if not worse for aiding them to rip people off! I blame PayPal more bc they are aware of the kind of business that minilaptop is running and PayPal is still in business with them. Did you know that PayPal's fineprint states they do not cover tangible items including electronics (anything with computers, stated on PP website) So PayPal is representing a company that rips off hard working AMERICA's!!! What is this country coming to?

NEVER will I use a website that uses PayPal EVER!! As soon as you see PP, you will know that the website you are on is a rip off too!!! I just received the wrong charger & was going to dispute the charger. After reading the fineprint and complaints I realized that it wouldn't do any good.

I will not give the another minute of my time or my business.

Buyer Be Ware!!! Customer Service must get quite a few good laughs at our expense.


More than a month ago I've ordered some stuff from www.mini-laptop-accessories.com.

After payment, the order is still flagged as "processing" in their system.

They don't respond to e-mails either.

Big scam if you ask me!!


I am furious about Mini-laptop accessories. I bought a RS06 slice battery for envy 14 on the 20 april 2011, They were out of stock but restocked at the begining of June. They said they sent it right away, I am still waiting and they don't answer my emails.

Poor, Poor, customer service and a scam above all in my case.


:cry :( :roll :x :sigh :p 8) ;) :grin :) :? :(


Mini Laptop Acc sent me a defective battery - asked that I return it at my expense then refused to refund either mu purchase price or shipping cost. Promised a refund for weeks then stopped respnding. Buyer beware.


Great ! :)

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