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Sent the wrong keyboard for my Samsung R580 US. They said

"please return the wrongitem to.....

Gan Yong Xin

RM 1102,

Nanguang Jiejia Building,

3037 ShenNan Middle Road,

Futian DIST.

Shenzhen ,China 518033

and remark the item valued is $1. send it via the flat mail(post standard delivery).

so we will not be charge the customs tax, or we will refuse to receive the return package."

Of course this means you have no tracking number.....

I sent it as they said (from a main Canada Post depot) and still 4 months later they say they are waiting for my package. They have no feedback page, no Facebook page and won't answer my emails. Their website says:

"Great customer service during and after the sale. You get a full 30 days satisfaction guarantee." Do you shite.

If you don't mind spending $90 and waiting over 5 months for nothing, then go ahead and order from these cowboys. If you get the goods and they are OK you've got away with it. If not, look forward to sharing my experience.

When dealing with China / HK, much better to buy through AliExpress for instance, so you get some protection.

Perhaps I should report then to the Chinese customs for advising me to state the value as $1.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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